Poker Games
Online poker is based upon the ranks and you are required to memorise all the ranks in the specific order in which these are arranged. The order of these ranks is mandatory to remember as it is this order which helps and motivates the poker players to bet. The bets in online poker are based upon the poker ranks which the players see themselves making.
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Top Variants of Online Poker

Online casinos are loved by people as it offers the players with all the top variants of poker. Online poker is a card game and it is one of the most popular games which is famous worldwide. You can find online poker in all the casinos but the advantage of playing in the online casinos is that you get to play all the top variants of poker in these casinos.

Texas hold’em poker, Omaha poker, Caribbean stud poker and razz poker are some of the top variants of poker. These variants are mostly sought for in the online casinos as these variants offer really good deals and promotions. All these variants have the same rules to win except the razz variant which asks its players to make the lowest poker rank hand to win; else in all the rest of the variants of poker, you are supposed to produce the highest rank. These ranks are already pre-set and all the players are supposed to remember these thoroughly before appearing in the online casinos. 

Some of the other top variants of poker are five card draw, seven card stud poker ad pai gow poker. These are also available in most of the online casinos like you can play Italian poker free online here and these are also easy to play. In five card draw poker, you get five cards in go and in seven card stud, you get seven cards in one go. The minor difference in these variants is that you do not get any community cards in five card draw variant and in seven card stud variant of the game, you get to exchange cards in return of your cards. Both these variants also ask you to produce a high poker rank from the cards.

You cannot get these top variants of poker in the land based casinos. Therefore, today, people are more attracted towards these online casinos which offer all the major and top variants of poker and also of many other casino games. It is all the more better to be able to play different variants than playing the same variant of the game again and again.